Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day Fun and Fires!

Yes, we are back to school and all that goes along with it. Parker is enjoying his new class so far and Emi had her first official "no mom" kindergarten day today. She loved it! Yesterday threw me right into the frying pan....here is just a quick rundown of everything that happened!

  • Parker's brand-new lunch box zipper ripped right off as I was closing it. Yeah for Target for returning it, even with his name "sharpied" on it.

  • On the first (there were three) drive to school, I somehow lost my car keys, but did find them quickly

  • I got home, and the basement bathroom had flooded as a result of a broken sprinkler...yes, the one we had just fixed on Saturday. Hallelujah for tile floor!

  • I spilled baked beans all over the kitchen floor. Hallelujah for tile floor!
  • Quinn fell down the bottom 3 stairs....not Hallelujah for tile floors! Poor guy!

  • Took Emi to Kindergarten orientation....the second trip to school. As we were leaving to get Quinn, noticed a little puff of smoke in the mountains above the kids school...hmmmm. Glad to see Parker out at lunch recess, now knowing he didn't start the fire!
  • Got Quinn, headed back to school for a third trip to school to pick up carpool for early out day. I become engulfed in smoke! Fastest fire I've ever seen.

  • Went husbandless to Wendy's for dinner with the kids to celebrate first day of school. I let Quinn down as much Diet Coke as he wanted....he had to be in the car all day and I took pity on the boy!

  • Finally, I plopped into bed to start "Breaking Dawn"....zonked out after 5 pages.

Back to the rat race......I'm just tired of being the head rat!


Marrdy said...

Wow, what a busy day. You are so funny!! Parker not starting the fire, loved that!! And so exciting about you starting Breaking Dawn. I loved it and I hope you do too.

youreprettytoo said...

I smelled that fire too! Did you ever find out where it was or how it started? i feel your pain- I am often the head rat too!