Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day of the Crazy Ladies

My dear husband scored major points the other day. He arranged a sitter for the kids so that I could go to the opening day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or "Day of the Crazy Ladies") and shop. I have usually schlepped my double stroller around, and last year, I just gave up completely because of the 3rd child....it would have really slowed my progress and weighed me down! In an effort to get my groove back, Bill recognized my need to go to this event.....I LOVE him!

I never do the Black Friday thing at Thanksgiving, but this is different. There is a sisterhood ( you metro-sexuals can be a part of it too) to it. The shoe department was crazy fun. Anyway, I had a super time and these awesome shoes will always remind me of my sweet hubbie.


Monika said...

I noticed how cute those shoes were on Sunday. You looked AWESOME! Congrats Bill on remembering -- next year give Chip a call!

Marrdy said...

I have avoided the anniversary sale this year, even forcing myself to not talk about it. My co worker just reminded me and now you have too. Those shoes are so amazing!! Maybe I will have to just go and browse! (will power HA!)

Amy said...

Great shoes! What a sweet husband.