Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coronado....our annual jaunt to the beach!

Our family LOVES the beach....even alabaster-skinned Quinn survived! Here are the highlights:

1-Killer in years. Boogies boarding is one of my favorite things and it did not disappoint this year. Plus, I'm way better at it than my brothers (though they will disagree). Emi is really getting brave at it. She is the total surfer girl....she had to carry the little boogie board home everyday.

2- Moo-town Creamery, Gelato, The Sheerwater, The Brigantine, and Island Pasta.....oh yeah, and In-N-Out burger. I love vacation food! Only 1 McDonalds trip!

3-LEGOLAND! So fun....we'd never been. It's no Disneyland when it comes to loading rides and being accommodating to babies, but great nonetheless. I can't believe people have jobs putting together Lego buildings. Parker LOVED the Test Track roller coaster.

(just think...we wasted our money going to NY at Christmas. we could have told them this was really NY!)

4- Mark's (my bro) birthday extravaganza. I was always jealous of him as a kid because he always got his birthday on the beach, and this was no exception. Fighter jets, dolphins as close as we have even seen, fireworks at the Padres game (plus $1 hot dogs and!), and cupcakes.

5- Fun bike ride around Coronado. It's harder than it looks to maneuver this thing (especially when MY steering wheel isn't supposed to work!) Great way to see all the cute, patriotic mini-mansions on the island.

6- Quinn flying home with Grandma....AWESOME! We did the whole drive in 10 1/2 hours. New record. Also, sandy kisses from Quinn were awesome!

7- If you ever find yourself in Barstow for the night, check out the Route 66 museum. Perfect for a kid in love with maps, cars, and the like. It's definitely the hot spot of Barstow, but that's not saying a lot.

8-The bedding in our condo.....AHHHHHH. Best beds anywhere. I sleep so well!

Other highlights include Bill being hit on by a drunk Texan right in front of me, the editor's cut of Veggie Tales, and speedo watching.

O.K.....there are always a few low-lights when travelling with young children:

1-Quinn puking all over everything in Scipio. Nice. I won't go into details.

2-Gas prices....we felt lucky getting back into Utah where it was only $4.19.

3-Quinn in Legoland.....a nightmare. He could ride on 2 rides and only slept for 20 minutes.

4-Barstow swimming pool and hot tub. Let's just say there was an unidentifiable smell....ewww.

5-Free porn on the beach. Honestly, 10 feet from us and the 11 little children that were with us. Get a room people!


Bill said...

Gotta love sex on the beach - only thing better would have been if it involved me.

Liz said...

nice bill....I try to keep my blog PG. Leave it to you to XXX it up.

Marrdy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I haven't been to Califonia on vacation since I was 17. Time to take the kiddies and go! And Bill, didn't they tell you that for the next five years you have to be Polly Pureheart (from Underdog, in case you didn't know.) Pretty funny stuff!!