Friday, June 13, 2008

Horray for the end of school.....

1-Horray for no more nagging about homework....just nagging about piano, brushing teeth, picking up clothes, etc.
2- Horray for more waiting for shoes AND socks.
3- Horray for not waking up grumpy kids at 7:00 a.m.
4- Horray for an amazing 1st grade teacher who took Parker under her wing.....even when he made that difficult.
5- Horray that she wants to take him home for the summer!
6- Horray for me that I didn't tell off the horrible, bitty, crochety other first grade teacher that criticizes me and my son weekly.
7- Horray for burning a boatload of white knit polo shirts.....they have been bleached within an inch of their lives. I think that will be a new end-of-school tradition in our house. (seriously....white shirts on a bunch of elementary kids....stupid)
8- Horray for the Beach Boys dance party we had tonight.
9- Horray for Radio kept carpool interesting and I actually have grown to like Miley Cyrus and the rest.
10- Horray for 2 kids that have worked hard in pre-school and first grade! They are smarter than I ever was at this point. For example... quote from Parker: "777 has 9 syllables in it. Cool......." and Emi read me a story from the Friend today using words like "character" and "interesting" (seriously...preschool!)


Amy said...

Amen to that sister!

Michele said...

I can't even keep my husband's white polo clean let alone a first grader!! Even though you didn't yell at the icky teacher, I think you would have been forgiven if you had :)

Bill said...

Horray for Liz....None of the above would have been possible without you, honey. Congrats! Enjoy your summer!

Marrdy said...

Good job Parker. And Liz, I am with you...white shirts? That's nuts. By the way I fianlly have a blog!! Come visit. Don't have much yet but it's a start.

Tate Family said...

Feeling the love...just wait til Jr. High! Thanks for your comment on my blog--so glad to be connected!

Marrdy said...

Sorry Liz, don't know if you have ever been tagged but I just did it to you. Visit my blog to get the low down!