Sunday, June 29, 2008

Footsie with Quinn and Yummy Green Candy's been a slow week as blog posts go, and nothing much is happening today to report. So I'll tell you a few random things....

*My new way to get Quinn to eat is I sit in a chair across from his high chair and we play footsie together. It seems to distract him enough to eat without complaint. I am EXTREMELY ticklish, but I'll do it in the name of nourishing my child.

*My cousin's son got married last week and I love weddings done by Linda! Though this wedding was missing the diet coke, it did have her famed "Candy Bar". This time, the wedding colors were green instead of pink, so I have been delightfully snacking on green jelly bellies, mint m&m's, green gumballs, and sour green apple chews. Yum! And when my bag was gone, I ripped into Bill's bag. He came in yesterday and said, "Oh, hmmm, my bag has been opened by someone" which I replied, "and your laundry has been done". That usually quiets him down when I steal his food. Guilt!

*I have become a big fan of infomercials.....this is so sad. The only thing I have ever bought off an infomercial was TaeBoe tapes, Pro-active (darn those adult zits), and a scrapbook program. All are terrific. So here's my question to all you ladies out there; Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover?

*I have snuck Quinn into nursery at church the last two weeks, even though he is 2 weeks away from the coveted nursery age. Can I be exed for this?

*My favorite thing to do while I'm working at my desk is to watch Brian Regan clips on YouTube. So funny.

*Bought "Urine Gone" from Linen N Things this week. Wow! Best $10 you'll spend if you have a boy. His bathroom smells good again.

*Saw WALL-E on opening night (cannot remember the last time I saw something on opening night, and yet Parker was disappointed that we went to the 7 p.m. show instead of the 11:00 show. We weren't the first!). Loved it. It was a sweet love story between robots. It was cute and a had a good message without being overly preachy. Made me want to recycle. Plus, the short cartoon before is hilarious.

Well, that's me this week. Hope you all are enjoying the summer!


Monika said...

The "urine b gone" definetly caught my attention. I will have to check that out. (Is it strange to be excited about a product with that name?)

Anonymous said...

this is Anne,...I put Anonymous because I really don't know what the other options in the comment section mean. Anyway....Urine gone? It really works? I HAVE to get it....finally a product that really gets that pee out of the grout!

youreprettytoo said...

I just got caught up on all your posts. You are always entertaining to read. A few thoughts- I put Suzie in the nursery early too but in our ward there are only like 6 kids in nursery so they welcome anyone new. Also I love Brian Regan!