Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Memories

My blog is all but dead, but I'd love to revive it a bit. It's New Year's Eve, and I'm lying in bed at 11:00 p.m. feeling sick but trying to remain festive, so why not jot down the memories of 2013?  Many (if not all) of these memories will make no sense to most, but it will to me and mine.

2013 memories

-Conga line to bathroom
-Princesses on Ice
-Listening to Macy sing with her Princess castle
-Emi juggling Alice in Wonderland and spring dance recital
-Parker falling into the huge puddle at Summit….twice
-Macy being afraid of the big, slow moving butterfly in the back yard. It was scary.
-Any time we heard “Trouble” by Taylor Swift….AAAAAAH
-Macy finally being potty trained
-Watching Quinn’s kindergarten basketball games.
-Macy dropping baby Jesus into the nativity at the ward Christmas pageant
-Parker and Quinn dancing in the same program at school.
-Bill getting promoted twice
-Bill getting RELEASED from the bishopric.
-Emi knocking out Quinn’s loose tooth
-Quinn getting a touchdown in football.
-Parker’s awesome 6th grade play
-Going to Parade of Homes wih my budding designer, Emi
-The pirate ship box
-The bunny/kitty hole
-Macy rocking her first dance recital as an “Earth Angel”
-Parker rocking the old lady costume at my recital
-Emi and mom acting stupid in the window of KUTV news…during a snow storm.
-Parker’s wonderful sacrament talk
-Daddy-daughter dance with Grandpa Sackewitz
-Dancing at the Bain’s wedding
-Quinn scoring 2 goals in a soccer game
-Parker going to the state for the Art Express program
-The slide project with my mom and Mark
-Dad versus the boat dock
-Macy’s birthday lunch with the princesses
-Grandma Jack Sparrow
-Jelly fish take over the beach
-Bishopric dressed as Duck Dynasty
-Cornbelly’s and being totally lost in corn maze
-San Diego Zoo
-Grandpa pit crew
-Crab grabbers at the beach
-Late night Soarin’ over California with Grandma and Mad Hatter’s tea party
-Mini-golf course at the beach made by the cousins
-Emi mastering contacts
-Quinn’s Jedi training birthday party
-I’d mention 2 science fairs, but these are supposed to be things I want to remember

Happy New Years!

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