Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break in exotic Draper!'s been a few weeks since I posted. I'm getting more and more lazy about blogging, though I really enjoy it when I sit myself down and just do it.

Spring Break: 
As Bill has been traveling a TON lately, we opted to "Staycation" this year. It was kind of a hard sell for the kids as they had such a blast in Arizona last year for spring break, but truly, we were beat and couldn't imagine gearing up for a big trip. So, as you saw in my last post, I was all about crossing a million things off my list. I didn't do all that bad with that, but of course, the kids had other ideas about what we should do. So the first day, I rolled over to the aquarium with our season passes and strolled around. I don't remember being so fish crazy when I was a kid, but my kids certainly are. Then off to use my carwash pass that Bill got me for Christmas (we are true romantics), but the kids were OK because that involves free popcorn. I think I had built up Quinn's "staycation" expectations too high as he cried after the aquarium because we weren't going to the zoo next. We did swim that night at Dimple Dell. Macy is a total fish.

Tuesday: I got to go to the symphony with Quinn's Kindermusik class. We took Trax. I swear, without fail, to sit by the smelliest people on that train. It's a gift.

Wednesday: ZOO! Bill took a really long lunch and came with us. So fun, and the polar bear was in performance mode. They are building a big african savannah area for giraffes, zebras, and LIONS! Quinn is over the moon that lions are coming to the zoo. I'm glad this zoo updates. It used to be so ghetto. Then, I dropped off the kids for a sleepover (hallelujah) with grandma and grandpa. Bill and I lived it up by going to Chinese and then he went to Bishopric meeting for 3 hours. Yeehaw!

Thursday: I picked them up Thursday and the weather was so good that we opted to hang out at Canyon Rim park. I've always loved that park, and I think it's fun to let my kids play where I did oh so many years ago.

The rest of the week involved egg dying, egg hunts, movies, and dinner at Grandma's.

About to hunt and Grandma's house. Macy seems oblivious to my Uncle Burns reaching out for her.

So, it was what it was, and it was actually quite great. I nice little calm before the storm of April and May. Can't wait. 

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brooke said...

So much to say. First, the pic of Burns just made me smile. You and Bill are romantics. My favorite gifts are practical ones. Forget lingerie..give me gift cards to car washes and restaurants!

Where is CAnyon Rim park? We did the zoo too over Spring Break and I glad the Zoo is getting improvements. It has been so ghetto for so many years.

Looks like you guys did a lot over the break!