Friday, February 8, 2013

Technology contract kids don't have phones yet. I'm not sure when that day will arrive, but I'm still happy it's not here. Emi and Parker do have an iTouch, but use it mostly for games and Google Maps. We have an iPad that belongs to mom and dad (Santa was very specific), but the kids sure do get whiny to use it. We've been really, REALLY trying to set technology guidelines, but it is so tricky. 

I love the blog "71 Toes". I started reading it about 6 months ago because I noticed that they head to Coronado the same week we do every year and I really love the parenting advice. It fits my style. I've stolen a ton of stuff off it for my own family. The funny thing is, I don't know this woman, but I see past friends of mine pop up in her pics from time to time.....what a small little world we live in. Anyway, she posted this today and I LOVE it. I want to use it for my kids. I've posted the "technology contract" she posted, but here is the link to the entire post. You should read it. It's great.


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brooke said...

Wow. So great. I am stealing this too. I know some adults that could use this contract.