Sunday, August 19, 2012

What runs through my head at 3:34 in the morning....

So, I've always been a decent sleeper. Just not this summer. I cannot get it together and get a full nights rest. I go to bed way too late and actually fall asleep pretty quickly, but then I wake-up. There are a variety of physical ailments that are usually the cause for me to wake up, but it's the mental ones keeping me awake  right now.

Here is a partial list (without getting to the extremely personal stuff) that is keeping my eyes open and my brain racing:

*What will 6th grade bring for a cute kid with Asperger's?

*Why is my new dishwasher constantly beeping at me?

* What color should I paint my bedroom? I'm done with the red.

* When did my body age so much?

* What will Emi's passion ever turn out to be?

* Is Quinn's voice always going to be so high? It's cute now, but is he always going to talk like Elmo?

* What will 3 kids doing homework do to my life?

* How little can I get away with cooking this week?

* So, after this next dance year, do I "go big" and move it to a bigger location?

*If so, where?

*Or do I just shut it down completely and have time in my life again?

* What must Bill think about on those crazy long bike rides?

* Could he JUST STOP SNORING! ( know it's true, hon)

* Maybe I should just get out of bed and organize Bill's desk. It haunts me.

* Strategies to get Macy to poop in the potty.

* The words to "Popular" from Wicked.

* What amazing thing should I plan to do in the name of my 40th birthday? (13 1/2 months away)

* How did I ever enjoy "The Facts of Life" with such awful acting (It's on in the wee hours of the is "Family Ties")

* Why does my cat insist on drinking water out of a bowl in our master bathtub?

* Can the election just be done?

* Because of our remodel, I don't really have a place to put my tacky wipe board calendar with everyone's schedule. I am kind of losing my mind without it. Where, where where to put it? Maybe in the bathroom?

* Why did I have kids?

* Who is EVER going to deem my kids worthy to marry?

*.....and various and sundry other anxiety-filled thoughts.

I'm quite an anxious person. It's kind of an annoying thing and definitely inherited. I try to keep it in control, but night seems to be when it loves to come out because nothing distracts me.

So tell I weird or do YOU have crazy thoughts in your head all night?

 Please share!


Monika said...

Copy paste to my blog. I am crazy enough the thought of homeschooling David this year has run through my mind because it would actually be easier than the calls from the school and all the homework. I am nuts. I won't do it. I'm already stressing about Nutcracker and hoping practice will fit in at a time I can make work. I'm not moving my studio out, but seriously how am I going to work and do homework with my kids this year. YOU AREN'T NUTS (unless I am too!)

Lisa said...

Liz this is HILARIOUS!! You are the one who tried to "talk me off my ledge" the other day! If you had any idea how many of those kinds of random thoughts roll through everyone's head...

brooke said...

The only nights I can't sleep are the nights after I go on dates..I replay everything in my mind and regret most of the stuff I said. Other than that, I can relate to all of these thoughts but they don't keep me up at night. I laughed out loud at several of these.

pan x 8 said...

I love it because I AM NOT a good sleeper... maybe that's why my children have one raunch of a Momma! I love all the things your mind went through... I'd be up all night too! lol

Mark Newman said...

Found this insightful and 'close to home'. You are not weird.


Jennifer N. said...

Sounds very familiar Liz, and I am not "related" genetically. :)

Bill said...

Shhhh! I'm trying to sleep.

Long Bike Rides: I think of you over the next hill waiting with an ice cold Dr Pepper... in a bikini.