Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Coronado Workout!

Are you sick of me yapping on about Coronado? Yeah, me either. It's always the highlight of my summer....and year. But I have to say, gone are the days where I'd lie in the sun in the sand and read several books. I don't even bother to bring books on this trip anymore. It's a huge amount of work. Just loading stuff into the condo is hard enough and makes me rethink why I travel with young kids. I really don't remember sitting much this trip, except the car ride. I try to partake of the sea level air and run a couple miles every day, which is heavenly, but my Coronado workout is SOOOO much more than that.

The drive: Going from Bill's parents to San Diego requires LA driving. Normally it's not too bad and I trust Bill to do it, but this year every crazy driver was out to get us. My heart was racing the whole time.  (if you look closely, there is a Goodyear Blimp)

Smashball: Bill and I love to smash! I had never tried this game before I met Bill and he brought it to Cali the first time we came together. We are really, really good at it and I'm not bragging. We really are. The funny thing; we NEVER smash at home. It's purely a beach thing. I've pulled muscles jumping for the ball. Total fun. We need to take up tennis again. Oh yes....and we play cups. That's a post for another day. 

Sunscreen: See this gorgeous, Macy. Not me (haha). Check out the glowing alabaster skin. I make it my mission to not bring a sunburned child home. Each of my siblings married very white people and each had a year of being miserable at the beach from burns. Chasing 4 little bodies around with spray sunscreen is a workout. I'm always trying to reapply. They never burn, but I do because I forget to do it to myself. 

The load: This doesn't look that heavy. We have another cart, but borrowed the beach resorts wagon this year. Anything through dry sand is hard to pull. I force my kids to drink all the water bottles at the beach so it's one less thing to drag home. Bill decided to bike a couple mornings, so guess who pulled this bad boy? Whilst carrying........

 THIS--- the pack-pack: It's much easier than waiting for her and way safer getting her across Orange Ave. But she's a big girl now. And she kicks me. Ouch. And at the end of the day, I refuse to ride up the elevator looking as sandy as I do, so getting up 3 flights of stairs is a leg burner. 

Boogie Board: I can't imagine a day where I'm too old to boogie. It's one of my very favorite things to do EVER. The waves did not disappoint this year at all. I had a ball, but truthfully, some were scarier than I like. Pre-kids, I would've been all over it. It's a little different now. But just the muscles I need to jump over the waves has got to be burning calories.  They usually come in 6-7  wave cycles, so you take one, hop off and fight the waves to get to the next breaking wave. Oodles of fun and I'd do it every day if I could. 

Why do I run myself ragged?

Oh yeah....they are worth it and we all can't get enough of it. 

It's really good everything is a workout here because we truly eat like crap in Coronado.  I don't feel the least bit guilty =-)

Oh yeah....I should add one more. Bouquet catching! Saturdays at the beach mean weddings. Is this really the dress to be wearing at the beach? The ring bearer was in the waves in his suit. 


pan x 8 said...

I have been gone from the blog world a really long time and what fun it is to return to the very first post that is funny, lighthearted, honest and btw, the Coronado workout agrees with you because you are one hot Mama! Honestly Liz, it takes stamina to carry the backpack full and pull a wagon.. and then you boogie boarded! Awesome!

Hey, I love hearing about your Coronado trip every Summer so don't ever skip it, the post I mean. Cause I know you'll never skip that trip ~ it's way too awesome! Thanks for an great read! =)

brooke said...

This post made me tired. You truly are superwoman. I would have still managed to sit in a chair on the beach instead of boogie boarding or playing smash amazing! And none of the kids got burned? That is a huge accomplishment.

brooke said...

And that wedding dress on the beach was such a poor choice!