Saturday, May 12, 2012

Props to Mom

We hacked into Mommy's Blogger account (really Dad got us in) so we could each share a personal reason why we love our #1 Gal. Mom would never knowingly allow us to gush out heaps of wonderful praise and affection in front of her close friends and relatives. Who wants that? ... especially on Mothers Day!?!

So without further adieu...

Parker : Besides all the "standard" things Mom does for me taking care of me, "feeding me yummy food" (Parker's exact words), helping with my homework, and supplying me with cool books and toys... I really like how Mom takes me to the thrift store and buys me old electronics and appliances so I can dismantle them. She even got me my own tools I get to use on these projects. I think that's pretty neat!

Emi: I love how Mom always takes care of me. When I am sick, Mom always does extra-nice things to make me feel better. Like today - she made me a Lime slushy and let me take a nap in her comfy bed.  She is the best!

Quinn: Mom thinks of everything. I really like to swing in the backyard, but the chains on the swing pinch my skin and it hurts. So, Mom got some bubble-wrap and put it around the chains. Now I have these really soft handles to use when I swing. Thanks Mom!

Macy: Mommy lets me be me. I'm only 2, but I already have plenty of personality. I love to dance - I will bust a move anywhere or anytime I hear a good beat. I love to help Mommy teach dance classes. I love to watch the dancers and Mommy, but I also like to jump in and learn the choreography myself. Mommy thinks that is pretty cool. Recently, I've developed a new love - StarWars! My brothers and Daddy may have had something to do with it. My latest favorite pastime is lightsaber dueling with my siblings and Daddy. Mommy is very good to not dissuade me from learning the ways of The Force. She is a very good sport - maybe because it's a lot like dancing - but with flesh cutting lasers.

Thanks for all of the above and for ALL the other things you do for us, MOM

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Park, Emers, Quinny, and Macy Mace


brooke said...

This is so cute. Happy mother's day Liz..I love you!

Liz said...

Ahhhhhh......sweet kids. Sweet hubby. I really enjoy all the things you all mentioned to me. I love taking care of Emi when she is sick, exploring DI with Parker, hearing Quinn giggle on his swing, and I actually really love my little Jedi princess.

Monika said...

This is the most darling post! Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mom's I know! Love you LIZ!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Monika. You are super great with the kids! Love their comments. Bill, thanks for doing this blog.

Marrdy said...

What a cute post! Bill is a keeper! Happy Mothers Day Liz!

Marrdy said...

What a cute post! Bill is a keeper! Happy Mothers Day Liz!