Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break, part 1

So, we didn't use the entire full week of our spring break to travel, but took off on Tuesday afternoon for Bryce Canyon. We'd always wanted to do that with the kids, and I'm so glad we did.

We stopped quick for this pic of the Manti Temple....or the "pretty castle" and Macy refers to it.

We ate at the local greasy spoon. Not so yummy.
We stayed at Ruby's Inn...great place, but I had a HORRIBLE night sleeping. The 6 of us should never sleep in one space. Bill snores, Macy woke everyone up at one point, and Parker never fully got back to sleep.

But look. We are still happy the next day.
I mean, seriously. How gorgeous is this? Hard to believe we are just a few hours away.
I have super hikers for kids. Even during the last bit up, which is quite steep, they pushed through it. Quinn even got to the top and said, "I like hiking!".
Giving them their own camelbacks was not such a great idea. Yes, I wasn't carrying their water bottles, but they loved to drink. And then they all really, really had to go. At the bottom of the canyon. That took some creativity. Enough said.

Macy was not thrilled to be confined to the "pack-pack" as she calls it.
There were sections that had all sorts of rock stacks. My kids tried some to, but we all kind of sucked at it.

Happy Hikers!
We unstrapped Macy and finally let her run free before our drive to Arizona. She was so happy. Can you imagine this energy on the trail? I'm sure she would be dead. Gotta love toddler-hood.
This was Macy's favorite part.....mine was finding that the little general store served fountain diet cokes. I needed one.

Onto Arizona!


brooke said...

Your kids are good ages. So glad you got a Diet Coke at the bottom!

youreprettytoo said...

We went to Bryce canyon for our spring break too (although i think our break was a week before yours) and did that exact same hike! It is so incredible. We also went to escalante and saw some pretty incredible things there too. Glad you guys had fun.

Bill said...

I want to go Back!

Ashley said...

I don't think I've ever been there--crazy. Utah really has some gorgeous places--good for you for getting the family out to see them. And I feel your need for a coke just reading about it!

Monika said...

Looks like FUN FUN FUN!!