Sunday, April 3, 2011

March of the fun.

Sorry...this post is only a little bit about basketball. Mostly it is just showcasing the highlights of a very busy March.

Macy wears everyone hats....she is constantly putting them on and taking them off. She has spent most the day in a race car helmet.
Emi was the only one brave enough to try green scrambled eggs on St. Patty's day. Wimps.
Parker had his "Utah History" school program. So cute....and they really made it interesting. Parker had several speaking parts.

Quinn has a newly found vigor for sports....he mentioned that he likes to shoot hoops at his friends house, and Bill was all over it. He went out and bought the hoop that weekend. Quinn spends so much time shooting hoops. He has obtained the nickname "Quinner Fredette". He loves it.
You can tell Macy is home with Quinn most of the time. The girl loves Rescue Heroes, trucks, basketball, etc.....She just throws her dolls around.
As you can see, her finger is in her mouth a lot. She is a character and quite a dancer. She is standing here right now shirtless, in one snowboot, and carrying a pinwheel.
Emi achieved her gold cup in piano for Federation and got to play in a special recital. She was so crazy nervous, but did wonderful.
Cowboy day at preschool. Quinn told me about it for a week ahead of time.
Yee haw!
Macy isn't much for eating in her high chair, but loves to snitch food from any of our plates. My mom always said that a messy eater meant you would be creative in later life. Macy will be an artistic genius. As will Parker.
Emi had her 2nd grade was about the continents of the world. She danced 3 times in it and ended with a very cute penguin dance to "Boogie Wonderland". Bill is donning her beak.
Quinn and Emi filled up their charts with stars and each earned the right for a Beta fish. This is Quinn with Bullet (I talked him out of the name Blackie). Emi's fish is named Sparkles and is the laziest fish I've ever seen. I thought it was dying until the weird girl at Petco told me some are just lazy.
Macy...18 months of fun and frolic
Oh yes....indoor soccer. Quinn LOVED every moment of it and his team went undefeated. His favorite thing to do is slide on his tummy. Emi's team did not score one goal. But she is scrappy when it comes to soccer. It's fun to watch her.
Anyway...there was March. It is April 3rd today and snowing like crazy. Emi started the weekend in a swimsuit and ended in snowpants. Utah is weird. Conference was really nice and I found myself enjoying Elder Scott's talk, which I never understand why they stick that slow, soothing voice on Sunday afternoon. Of course, I was on a peanut butter M&M high. Thanks, Monika, for scoring me some of those beauties. I needed it!


Bill said...

Your the best wife ever to put these great pics online. How am I so lucky? Especially after the week you've had. And beautiful to boot.

(alright....Liz wrote this)

brooke said...

I was so ticked when I read Bill's comment because I thought "Sam never says stuff like that" and then I read that Liz wrote it! Of course.

I loves posts like this because I get a glimpse into someone else's crazy life.

I love Emi's dress for the piano recital. And the name Quinner Fredette is hilarious.

Kathryn said...

Emi looks so cute in Caroline's dress! Thanks for the update. Fun to see what's happening with your cute fam.