Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Princesses and Kings

My annual dance recital for my studio was about 10 days ago....I'm just now getting to the post for it as I have finally recovered just a little.

Theme was "Princesses and Kings", meaning Disney Princesses and a tribute to the King of Pop. I did this theme about 7 years ago with Elvis.

There were 19 dances, so they are not all on here, but here are some highlights!

Emi opened the show with "When You Wish Upon a Star"

Beauty and the Beast

ABC 123 ...that's my dear little Emi again.

Black and White

Beat It...notice the sparkly socks and glove!

Smooth Criminal

And oh yeah.....I made my teaching staff dance this year. They were so fun to work with and good sports.
This is me leaping....I have to brag as I had a baby just a few months back!

Phew....glad it's over, but it is always fun.

Me and my favorite dancer........

......and my next favorite future dancer


kjirsten said...

WOW Liz!! You are an inspiration . . . to be able to pull off a big production like that, in the midst of having a new baby, AND strut your own stuff on the stage WITH, (no less,) a LEAP!?! You are really something! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor . . . it looks like it was a beautiful night. Well done.

youreprettytoo said...

You and all your dancers- both future and present are all adorable! I too am impressed withyour leap!

brooke said...

You really were amazing in the concert. I am seriously jealous that you've got it.

The concert was great and the perfect length. Sammie carries the photo around of her class and tells me everyday who everyone is. She can't wait to start again in the fall (miracles do happen!)

Emi is a great little dancer and Macy couldn't be cuter. I bought that same little pink outfit for Mitchell when I was sure he was a girl. I still have it. Sad for me.

brooke said...

I meant to say you've still got it.

Emily K. said...

You're amazing! I miss having you as our dance teacher, you do the greatest stuff!! Let me know if you have any spots for next year, you really are worth the drive :)

Rebekah said...

Awesome recital! I love the picture of Macy! Too cute!!

pan x 8 said...

I heard it was awesome Liz AND the pics are great! Good for you with that jump - you are amazing!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Looks like the entire evening was a complete success and I LOVE the theme. How fun!

Stacey said...

You got HOPS! Liz! You are truly amazing... I love that you are able to use your talent to bless so many lives.