Thursday, April 8, 2010

My life right now.....

I just finished teaching....I can't bear the thought of walking upstairs to be a mom again. I really don't have time for blog entries right now. Nor do I have time for personal hygiene (you should see my toenails), eating right (instead of eating the leftover Easter candy), TV (like 50 shows on my Tivo), and other various and sundry things (my husband would probably tell you what). This is my crunch time. CRUNCH! I'm over-whelmed, under-staffed, and apparently have 1 too many children (sorry Macy). I've basically taught Macy to hold a bottle for herself if I position the blanket right. She's beginning to teeth. Great timing.

Calgone...take me away!


brooke said...

I'm sorry. You'd probably love to fast forward your life. I'm jealous because I saw you leaving Summit today and thought how skinny you looked. I am at the peak of fatness and still have the 9 months of post baby chub to look forward to.

I always feel behind on EVERYTHING. I am never caught up on any projects, let alone personal hygiene. I showed up for a pedicure last week with legs that hadn't been shaved in weeks...(I was mortified but wasn't about to leave.)

I think it's brilliant you taught Macy to hold her own bottle. Thank goodness she takes one.

Good luck--hopefully life will get better this summer!

Monika said...

I felt the sane way in January when Dylan was about that same age and I was in the throws of Federation. You will make it!

Ashley said...

We've all been there. Is there anyone you can pay to make some of your problems go away (babysitters, housecleaners, fast food establishments. . . . )

This too shall pass!

Amy said...

Hang in there for 2 more weeks!

I'll treat you to lunch overlooking Pebble Beach. I'll even get you one of the fancy drinks with an umbrella. :)

Myrna said...

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