Sunday, December 6, 2009

Party, Party, Party

Well...who says we new moms don't know how to party? 3 parties in 38 hours....2 at my house.

Emi turned 7 Friday night, we stupidly invited 11 girls to our house to the "Winter Wonderland" party. Too bad there was no outside snow, but they didn't seem to care. Here is my cake....not super, but I did stick Dollar-Tree snowflake ornaments on the sides and I thought it looked cool.
Coloring snowman bags, making snowflake ornaments....nice quiet activities. Nope. Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise (Grinch reference #1). Bill didn't help by getting them all riled up and then heading downstairs to play Rock Band with Parker and Quinn.
Thank heavens for a dance studio....we did snowman relays. Hilarious.
After "stick the stuff on the snowman", we tried to coral them in for a group shot...this is the best we could do.
Saturday was our ward Christmas the breakfast idea. Primary kids sang and Parker got to do the chimes. One of the chimes was slightly out of tune and it drove him crazy. Loved that party...didn't have to prepare a thing, just had to get 4 kids and a husband dressed and ready by 8:30 on a Saturday.
Besides, I needed to show off Christmas outfit #1. Grandma Newman has recently started shopping again since my dad's stroke. The stores were probably worried that if she didn't return, they would have to shut down for lack of business. I will get Christmas outfit #2 into another post.
Party #3 was a result of Macy's blessing and Emi's actual birthday. It was great to celebrate my gorgeous girls. I love them so much. Here's Macy with Aunt Joyce....
...and the family (I still look at pics with all 6 of us and can't believe it's me).
This Costco cake was a lot better than my previous attempt.
Macy and the Men.
Tiring weekend to say the very least. I also saw "Blind Side" and it really made me want to be a better person. With all this celebrating, I think my "heart grew 3 sizes" today (Grinch reference #2).


brooke said...

Instead of getting ready for the Stake Primary board luncheon I'm having at my house in 50 minutes, I'm commenting on your blog...Emi's party looked adorable. Kudos on the homemade cake! Way better than my homemade cakes.

Of course Macy looks dreamy in her blessing dress and in her Christmas outfit. Peggy has the best taste.

I can't believe you got everyone to the church by 8:30 am for a party.

Love the picture of the 6 of you. What a great shot.

Karen said...

I completely understand the feeling of not recognizing yourself at this stage of life. I still feel like it's impossible that I'm a)the mother of 4 and b)old enough to have a {gasp!} nearly 13 year old!

We saw Blind Side too, and came away feeling exactly the same. I kept thinking "would I???"

And yay for making it through all the parties! You looked beautiful, and make it look effortless (even though I know it is with huge amounts of effort).

Cindy said...

Wheeew....that made me tired, and I'm not even getting up in the middle of the night to nurse anyone! Happy Birthday Emi, and Happy Blessing Macy!

Bill said...

Why I married u
y'know how to Partay!
Thx for all the hard work.. It was a great weekend!

youreprettytoo said...

You family is beautiful. And don't even say you didn't have to do anything for your ward party. Getting 4 kids, yourself AND a husband ready by 8:30 on a Saturday morning is a phenomenal feat- even if we have to do it every other morning!

pan x 8 said...

first, i love your blog look and the pic is freakin' cute!!! how fun was emi's bday??? very cool...

Rebekah said...

Macy looks so pretty and Emi's party looks like it was a hit!!