Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Routine

Ahh...Halloween. It sucks the life out of you. Fun, but oh so much work. Here's the rundown of October in our house:
We start by picking out pumpkins at Grandpa's garden. Even though he was out of commission past August, he still managed to get some great pumpkins and gourds. Then we decorate the house!
We must dress up for every class or is Quinn at his Kindermusik party. He is Li-Li the lion.
Of course, I make my dance classes dress up as well. It leaves an interesting array of glitter and pom-pom shreds on my floor.
There are the school class is Parker at his. He is Luke Skywalker. I had a whole carpool full of Jedi Knights. Emi and I felt really safe driving to school.
And then we of those is the Death Star if you look closely. The puking pumpkin is a family favorite.
We decided to get creative with our plethora of gourds.
Our ward had a trunk-or-treat, so Bill and his Bishopric brothers went as KISS. I tell you, it's kind of confusing to see your Bishop in your bathroom putting on lipstick. This could warp me for years.
Does it get any hotter than this?
Cute kids!
I went as the Swine Flu, but my nose broke and I had to stick it on my face with electrical tape I found in Bill's car.
As if we hadn't done enough trick or treating, we had to go out at Halloween night as well. Here's Emi with Jade.
After the sugar rush of 3 trick or treat sessions (I totally recycled candy as to get some of it out of my house), we were all tired......
....and ready for sleep!
Alright, Thanksgiving...bring it on!


Ashley said...

Halloween so does suck the life out of you! I love that the bishopric went as Kiss. That is so classic and probably has never been done before in all the history of the world. Speaking of your dance class and dressing up, Sammie was telling me the other day how much fun it is--she adores you!!!

P.S. Tyler wanted to be swine flu too but we couldn't pull it together. He'll be jealous.

Cindy said...

It seems like every year I throw even more on an already crowded Halloween plate. I love that you and Bill dressed up....that's our goal for next year. I don't know how the Bishopric will top Kiss.....and the Swine flu....Haaaa! Too funny!

brooke said...

I am blown away with KISS. Seriously, I agree with Ashley, probably never happened before or will again. That took some serious cajones to go as KISS. I've got to show Sam the pictures.

Love the pics of the kids. You did a ton for HAlloween. Sammie absolutely loved dance last week. She is excited to have you back tomorrow.

I'm so grateful for a month of nothing. Bring on November--the nothing month!

Karen said...

yeah, you got a way better KISS picture than me. LOVE the photo of Bishop getting his makeup on... Do you think secretly they were hoping for an early release? There was an out of town grandma who did seem seriously disturbed that KISS was the bishopric. too funny.

brooke said...

I just showed the KISS picture to Sam. He is dying. We love it. By the way, Emi's costume is the cutest thing ever. She looked so cute at school.

Bill said...

We trick or treated the Stake President's house - They loved it. Had we kept the costumes for Sunday on the stand, I'm sure I'd be "in between" church callings at the moment. We're taking suggestions for next year. Maybe, Freddy Kruger, Jason, Michael Myers and Jigsaw next year. Or Madonna, Lady GaGa, Bald Britney Spears, and Courtney Love?

brooke said...

Can we move into your ward?

brooke said...

Oh, and I have to say that I loved the picture of Bill putting make-up on the other guy with the third dude (in full face make-up) looking on. That made me laugh as hard as the picture of the four of the them at the trunk-or-treat.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE Halloween. All of your outfits were really cute. Glad you all had a blast!

Stacey said...

The bishopric as KISS is probably the coolest costume idea ever! Can't quite imagine my current bishopric doing the same, but it reminded me of a couple weeks ago when we had a Rock Band party at our house... The RS president did a pretty awesome job on the vocals of AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long!