Friday, October 2, 2009

Pics of Macy

Here are some much requested pics of my little sweetie:

(with Grandma and Grandpa Newman...doesn't my dad look good!)

(hanging with Parker....once his stomach flu was gone!)

So far, Quinn loves Macy. He says that all the time, though his tantrums would prove otherwise.
Bill and his bishopric buddies. I love that they didn't want to come empty handed, so they stopped at the store, bought a bunch of wipes, and then left the receipt in the bag. So funny!

Emi is in "sister" heaven
Seriously...I know she's cute. I can't even be humble about it.


brooke said...

You shouldn't be humble about it--she is drop dead gorgeous. I loved seeing her today. Now I'm craving her again..she is the cutest baby.

The pic of Emi and Macy is sooo sweet. I love that the bishopric brought wipes in a bag with the receipt!!

She's a doll. I'm jealous.

Monika said...

To Emi from Jade:

Your sister is so cute. I can't wait to see her and hold her. I'm glad you got a sister.

Ashley said...

Wow, she really is adorable! Brooke was just gushing to me on the phone about her today, and about how in love with her you are and how cute it is. The one in her carseat makes her look SO tiny! I'm a *little* bit jealous. Glad to see your dad looking so great!

Karen said...

John came home and said how beautiful she is - without even qualifying that our kids were cuter (like he does with many babies...). I cannot wait to see her in real life.

Gorgeous pics -

i'm laughing about the receipt. MEN.

Rebekah said...

she really is so cute, just like your other three children. you guys make em gorgeous! hope you are doing well!

Cindy said...

What a DOLL! That picture of Emi and Macy says it all! It's so nice when your kids are actually excited to have a new sibling!

Marrdy said...

She's beautiful!

Heather & Matt Fisher said...

one question. Why does your hair look so nice, and how can I make sure i look like that after giving birth?

I guess it helps it went quickly...

she's beautiful, congratulations!!

pan x 8 said...

You don't need to be humble because she is gorgeous!!! Love it!

Jessica Knowles said...

She is adorable! Congrats Liz. Can't wait to meet her.
Happy Late Birthday... :)