Sunday, August 23, 2009

As summer winds down.... starts tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I love to have my kids doing something great and productive, but sometimes the schedule totally wears me out. I've been an O.K. mom this summer, but haven't really pulled out all the bells and whistles given my condition. I felt guilty in the last few days, so we hit Wheeler Farm on Friday (in a million degrees heat) and swimming yesterday (in a million degrees heat). There was ward movie night on Friday, which was awesome, because it was COOL in the evening. 
(riding Marshmellow the horse)
(feeding the un-hungry ducks)

(the kids loved this rooster....they named him the Hannah Montana rooster because of his crazy rock star hair. )
(Quinn, finally being brave in the fountains. Emi finally decided to go down the big waterslide. She has done it in the past, but has had an attack of nervousness about such things this summer)
(Parker, the fish)

The best thing I did this summer: introduce Parker to the "Wimpy Kid" books and Emi to the "Ramona" books. Kept them busy!
The worst thing I did this summer: let Parker and Emi totally entertain Quinn all the time. That little boy is going to be LOST without his bro and sis.
The laziest thing I did this summer: never worked out. I figured I could at least go on a walk a day. It was rare that I did. I was already completely swollen so it was hard to want to go and swell up more. It's flip-flops till this baby comes out.
The most time-consuming thing I did this summer: Facebook. It must be balanced. I'm kind of over it now.
The stupidest thing I have done all summer: I started teaching dance again last week. Pulled my groin muscle. Seriously cannot walk. As if I wasn't attractive enough right now, let's add a limp.
Best house thing I did this summer: My nursery. I'm really proud of it, and I'm not even done. 
Worst house thing I did this summer: I let sunflowers take over my zinnia garden. Long story.
Best thing overall: Coronado. Enjoy every second of it.

Happy start of school! Back to the rat race. 


pan x 8 said...

Do you know how I hate to walk by Marshmellow every time we go to the farm?? My girls beg endlessly to ride that little thing but I don't know about standing still in the summer's heat... We love the Wimpy Kid books at our house...
And I'm totally sorry about the limp... you are almost there... right???

Stacey said...

I'm quite impressed with all you did this summer, especially given how awesome you have felt (not)!

brooke said...

This post made me laugh out loud several times. I can't believe Emi is reading Romana books. Luke is a little ...slow.

I can't believe you pulled your groin. Terrible. The limp is icing on the cake. Sammie can't wait for dance again on Tuesday. I told her I would stay upstairs but I'm really leaving. That's our little secret.

Your summer was about the same as mine and I had no excuse--no pregnancy.

youreprettytoo said...

I use to count down the days until school starts, but as my kids get older I don't mind summer as much. Their schedules get crazier as they get older. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!

Ashley said...

So somehow I missed your last post. . . that nursery is adorable--my nursery dreams come true in that nursery. I want to see more pictures! Totally laughing about the groin pull--but you could not look ridiculous if you tried. Enjoy having the kids in school!

Cindy said...

So last Summer the kids rode on Marshmellow....but not until we paid through the nose for it! I can't remember how much the guy charges for the rides, but ofcourse the day that we wanted to ride I didn't have any "real" money in my wallet, but I did have some Euro that was sent to us by our Irish Aunt. (At the time the exchange rate was somewhere around $1.50 U.S. to $1.00 Euro....I had turned in $30 Euro and got $45). So with begging pleading children in tow I explained the situation to the guy and told him of the smoking deal I was offering him. (I think in all he walked away with and extra $10-$15 U.S.) But in our "wheeling and dealing"...the guy looked at the Euro and said..."How do I even know these are real?....I've never even heard of Euro!"....huh?!?!!? In the end the kids got their rides, but only because another guest came up behind us and collaborated our story. (They had just gotten back from Europe and knew the exact exchange rate at that moment.)....good times....good times!

p.s. how did you ever get a picture of your kids at Lifetime? I took my camera out once and got shot down by the camera Nazi's claiming a "no picture" policy to protect everyone's privacy.