Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I used to really like rain....

Seriously...that's true. I used to find rain cozy, romantic, and somewhat renewing. I think I'm over it. I have spent the first 3 days of summer with my kids INDOORS thanks to the crazy cloudbursts that we have been plagued with. We went to the aquarium instead of the farm today, and I related to the fish. Soaked. To make it a little worse, during today's cloudburst, the rain gutter started overflowing over Parker's window well. Emi and I soaked ourselves while getting tarps, buckets, towels, etc to prevent flooding his room. After lunch, I sent them outside....thunder and all. I told them to go outside and get some exercise! I tried to ignore there pleas to come in because they were cold!

Yesterday, we went to Barnes and Nobles to get P & E a chapter book for our rainy days. It was really cool to see them dive into their books once they got to the car. Sometimes I forget how pleasurable reading can be. Which brings me to my next question; I need suggestions for a good read. I'm headed to the beach in a few weeks and love having a fun book. All I have read in the last year was pregnancy books, Asperger books, and you know....vampire stuff. I want something fun, light, and even a tad trashy (j/k). Any good suggestions?


pan x 8 said...

I've never been a rain lover and I can still say the same now. My kids and I are singing, "Rain rain go away, come visit us another day..." yeah maybe in Sept please!

Most of the books I've read are pretty heavy but I think the same thing about this summer ~ to do some fun reading, let me know what you come up with.. I haven't even looked yet!

Emily K. said...

I love the rain, even with kids. Snuggling up with a good book, making them clean ~ who am I kidding, that would never happen!
Sorry you're stuck indoors.
My book recommendation is "Candle in the Darkness" Everyone has loved it so far. It's a great book, no vampires though ;)

Ashley said...

Rain lost its charm the day I had a baby and realized how horrible it made errands. Though I have to say we don't get any summer rainstorms in the bay area and I sort of miss those cool utah summer thunderstorms.

Nice that you are going to the beach! I am completely trashy and pedestrian and only take Nicholas Sparks (you know, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember) to the beach. I have tried taking legitimate books and they have no appeal for me. At First Sight and The Guardian were good. They are shameful but delightful. And romantic without being too trashy.

Cindy said...

I have to appologize for the rain....apparently Mother Nature wants me to stay fat with dirty car. Whenever I plan a run or wash my car it rains. So you have me to blame.

As far as good reading list this year has consisted of "House of Order" and several books on Dyslexia and Scototopic Sensitivity help there huh.

As for the rain....I'm sorry it looks like it is going to persist...this morning I got my run in early as a sneak attack to Mother we might get lucky today!

Monika said...

I'm sorry to say I am ok with it raining for a few more days. This rain messed up the baseball playoff schedule and now the games are scheduled right over David's baptism. I would love for it to rain really hard on Saturday so the games are rained out and he could play next week. Who am I kidding? I don't care I just want baseball to be OVER!!!!!!! (But for Chip and David's sake I will be ok with the rain for a few more days).

I am so glad my kids are still in school or I would be going crazy too!

My reading this year consisted of Magic Treehouse and Charlie Bone (I read with David). Sorry I am no help either!!

Karen said...

ooh, books... I love books!!! lets see... I'm trying to think. Mysteries - anything by Dick Francis (all his books hark back somehow to horse racing and most take place in England - love all his characters, and I have tons of his books if you want to try him out)
Stories - Maeve Binchy (all her stories are set in Ireland or England and have engaging stories and/or characters. I have lots of hers too.)
Romance - I used to read a TON of romances, but they really did get a little too dirty sometimes (john loved it when I read those...:)) But um, I want to say Nora Roberts. I think I enjoyed a lot of her books but like I said, they did get a little graphic... I ultimately got rid of all of those.
Sorry for rambling.
I love that you kicked the kids out into the rain though, still laughing about that...

Marrdy said...

I used to love to take my kids to the bookstore. Their collection was pretty big. Broke my heart when I had to give most of them away.

I am currently reading "My Sister's Keeper". So far so good, but people who have finished it say it wonderful!

BJorg said...

I, too, am so loving this rain...or not. But we've also been reading a ton. Maybe the weather was a special request of the teachers' union?
My very favorite books right now are "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins and "These is My Words" by Nancy E. Turner. I am a HUGE fan of both. I also enjoyed "The Book Thief."
As a read-aloud with my kids, we've loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.
Happy reading!