Sunday, April 13, 2008

Skiing alone.....

Yesterday, I had the rare opportunity to go skiing alone. I've never done that before. It came as a result of trying to use up our discount passes before they close next week and the fact that I have extremely busy friends who couldn't attend. I also didn't bring my hubby because we couldn't find a the fact that he is going for his annual (notice how I said annual, not BI-annual or quarterly) Moab trib with the boys. So, forget soccer games and playdates and I was on my way.
I have never seen snow like that in April. I guess it's payment for all the crappy snow storms that came every other day this winter and spring. I was there from 10:00-2:15 and got in 14 runs.....whoa! No lines and not cold at all. Why do I even want to go skiing in Dec/Jan again? It was quite tiring but extremely therapeutic. Thanks Bill!!!!!

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